My mouse has disappeared or is stuck!

If your mouse has mysteriously gone missing, try these steps **before** coming to Helpdesk! #### Case 1: _Trackpad was accidentally disabled._ You can check if your trackpad was accidentally disabled by locating and clicking the "up arrow" in the bottom right corner of your screen. ![Hidden task items]( Then, locate the **trackpad driver** icon, which looks like a small gray square. ![Trackpad driver]( If your icon has a red "X" like this one, then your driver has been accidentally disabled. You can re-enable it by pressing the "F6" key (it has a symbol of a mouse on it) at the top of the keyboard until you see a notification that says "The internal pointing device is enabled." --- #### Case 2: _Trackpad driver has disappeared._ If you follow the steps above, but you cannot locate the **trackpad driver** (the gray square in the second picture is _missing_ or _not present_), then please try restarting your computer to fix the issue. You can do that by going to the start button in the bottom right corner, clicking the power button, and selecting restart. --- #### Case 3: _My trackpad is not disabled, the icon is missing, and I've restarted! Still nothing!_ Please see the Helpdesk whenever it is convenient for you.
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