How to sign into cloud storage

When it comes to cloud storage there are two options that you can use. Whether you use Onedrive or Google Drive you have one terabyte of cloud storage that you can access from any computer around the world as long as you have internet access. In this section we will go over how to log into your cloud storage and how to access it.
First we will deal with how to log into Google Drive

First to login search "drive file stream" in the windows search bar by either clicking the search bar in the bottom left of the screen or by hitting the windows key between your function and alt key.
Click this to open it and once it opens you will be prompted to sign into google. Use your email and computer password to log in

After you click next you will be prompted with this icon click
After this you should see that the Google Drive Icon should be in the system tray as shown below

Now we will work will Onedrive and Microsoft 365. Similarly with GoogleDrive search One-drive in the windows search bar and click to open it as seen below.

Then proceed to login using your email and computer password

Just like with Google Drive, one drive will appear in the system tray but this time as a blue cloud
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